Artificial Grass – The Facts

Where can I put artificial grass?

Artificial grass can be laid on any hard surface such as decking, a flat roof or patio its not just a replacement for a lawn.

Do I have to maintain my artificial grass?

As with any outside area, soil leaves and twigs will need to be brushed off to keep it tidy. This will also help to discourage moss which can grow in neglected lawns.  A good brushing, against the pile, will help it stand up and keep it looking fresh.

Do all grasses feel the same?

In a nutshell no. Pile height and material make a difference. Tty our 37 m/m pile for a luxurious feel. Polyethylene gives a much softer feel than Polypropylene. These are both widely used plastics in a number of applications. Different combinations will gve a different feel.

Can I install artificial grass myself?

Yes you can but you have to remember that most of the work goes into creating a suitable base for the artificial grass. We remove a layer of top soil to be able to lay free draining sub base which is then compacted. It is quite a physical job.

Do you remove all the waste?

We do remove all the waste soil and leave your garden ready for you to enjoy. Be aware that not all artificial grass installers will do this, they  will charge extra for skip hire.




All grasses have a free draining backing.