Garden Advice (Free E-books)

In this area i am going to be giving you some really useful garden advice e-books, All of which as a company we recommend to be well worth a read. Most of the information provided is from people who have many years of PRACTICAL experience when it comes to landscaping.

As a company we get untold calls and emails asking us “why has my plant died?” “why wont my seeds grow? “why do my fruit and vegtable plants produce low yields? I think im doing everything correctly.” These questions are so common that we have decided to create this page. We have provided quality garden advice that we have refered to for years. In these e-books you will learn everything! from how often to water your plants to exact soil ph levels needed for each fruit and vegtable grown in the UK and everything inbetween we hope you enjoy. ( E-BOOKS ARE NOT PROPERTY OF Wimbledon Gardens ltd)

Free Garden Advice E-Books


Caring for your garden –  Download E-Book (Free)


Caring for your lawn – Download E-Book (Free)


Going green 101 – Download E-Book (Free)


Organic growing and gardening – Download E-Book (Free)


A Proffesional Gardeners secret to a lush garden – Download E-Book (Free)


Vegatable Gardnening 101 – Download E-Book (Free)


All of these E-books have been tried and tested by the company and many of our customers alike.  Most people get a lot of enjoyment out of them ( especially considering they are free) aswell as learning practical facts about gardening and garden care.

Wimbledon Gardens take no credit for the creation of these E-book’s they are a third party companies creation who have granted us permission to share with you.

Garden Advice

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