Interior Advice ( Free E-books)

In this segment we will discuss interior advice for anyone who is planning or in the process of having their home redocorated. As many of you reading this will know the world of interior design is a very stressful and costy one. Here we will share with you our secrets and tips to making this a more enjoyable, predicatble and cost effective experience.

I will start with one of the easier tasks when it comes to interior design and that is PAINTING. This E-book goes into great detail of how to paint correctly, the correct paints for the different surface types and how to paint methodically to save time.

Proffesional Painting – Download E-Book (Free)


This second part may only be for some as this is a bit more involved than most of the things we will cover here. Building a home swimming pool. Now this may seem like an enormous job which would take a long time and more problamitic than that will take many workers however… the reality is this is not true at all and a home swimming pool can be constructed with less effort than one would think.

Constructing a home swimming pool – Download E-Book (Free)


This E-Book contains many different chapters going into detail of almost all aspects of interior design and is a must for anyone planning a future project

Home Decorating – Download E-Book (Free)


Finally we come to arguablly the most important part of this information and that is how to run an energy efficient home and how to install many different energy saving fixtures. I highly reccomened giving this a read as it goes into great detail and gives many examples of how not investing in a green home can lose you more money than you would imagine!

Energy Efficency – Download E-Book (Free)

Lower your energy consumption today – Download E-Book (Free)